Architect Marta Stana
Behind the curtain

The architecture exhibition was commissioned by the Daile Theatre to celebrate its 90th anniversary and Ms Marta Stana, architect of the theatre building. After months of research we had an archive material of forgotten Soviet post-war modernist and a small exhibition space at contemporary art galleries. We immediately understood the importance of translating her ideas into the language of contemporary architecture and modern materials. We also wanted to transform the under-developed gallery box. 

We took ideas, shapes and volumes from the sixties and arranged them into a new story of talents operating behind the Iron Curtain. We did not copy the architect, we got inspired! Marta Stana became our hero and muse and we paid her back by creating modern frames and displays for original drawings and digital graphics. While searching for new building materials we discovered Dendrolight, a lightweight solid wood invented in Austria and produced in Latvia. We were the first to use it for exhibition displays of various shape, finishing and size. We were proud of the result.

The idea for digital poster and graphic design was based on metaphor of the Iron Curtain (limited communication with western countries) and Stage Curtain, use of bright colour in Marta Stana’s drawings and wireframe architectural drawings for the National Theatre project in Budapest.

Architect Marta Staņa. Behind the Curtain.