Catalogue design for artist Atis Jakobsons exhibition "Dark matter", 2015. Catalogue includes pictures of all of the works in the exhibition, as well as a glossary for Atis Jakobsons drawings by Misal Adnan Yildiz.

Catalogue contains 36 pages in offset print, inside pages are from Scandia 2000 Natural 150 g uncoated paper and cover is made from Curious Matter 270 g paper.

Atis Jakobsons (1985) is an artist from Riga, Latvia, currently living and working in Berlin. He graduated from the Painting Department of the Art Academy of Latvia with a Master’s degree in 2010. In his work, he is looking for ways to reach a primal nothingness, blurring the boundaries between subject and object, impossible and mundane, human and divine, reality and idea. He creates sensitive surfaces to perceive the space that lies beyond.