Riga International Film festival

Riga IFF is a two week international film festival held in the Latvian capital. It mixes competition and industry events with an extensive programme of screenings open to the general public.

We worked with Riga IFF team to develop a visual identity for 2018 that celebrates the female gaze and female film-directors in cinema, while highlighting the current Zeitgeist – the post-truth and post-trump era – with subtle hints of propaganda aesthetics and calls for exploration of self.

The brand identity builds upon the previous years identity, which received Latvian Design Awards Grand Prix in 2018, continuing with a colourful and vibrant visual language. Yet paying homage to continuity hasn't become self-centred, leaving enough room for new experiments and flexibility in communication of the current theme.

Bold typography and fine line abstract illustrations formed foundation for dozens of layouts, objects and digital experiences. While visually appealing, it is also grounded in the intentions of the festival and its programme, one of cinematic diversity yet a shared philosophy.